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Why Customers LOVE Fitovers

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 "These are the DREAM sunglasses! Fashionable and practical!" 

 Marney Baxter

I love Fitovers! They block sun and glare and are polarized to protect my eyes from UV damage. My eye doctor has noticed the beginning signs of cataracts, which are often caused by UV damage, so I feel I have made a wise investment in a pair of Fitovers to protect my eyes and I don't have to look like an elderly lady while I'm doing it! They look cool and I am proud to wear them!


Fitovers changed my life. 

 susanne sorensen

i love Fitovers so much i own two pairs.  as someone who wears glasses 24/7/365, i needed a solution for sunny days.  i tried Transitions but they were never dark enough on sunny, warm days.  prescription sun glasses are expensive and had to be replaced when my prescription changed.  sun glass clips for my glasses proved to be cumbersome and easily broke.  finally I found Fitovers and they changed my life.  Fitovers do a fantastic job of providing protection for my eyes in bright sunlight and i love the little extra protection on the sides.



Got these great fitover dark glasses online.   Easy to fit.  Easy to order but most important the best fitovers I have ever owned.   They fit stylishly and look great.........  and are affordable........    FITOVERS FOREVER

Excellent service!


I was surprised at how easy it was to navigate the website and extensive the choices in design and colors.  Once I ordered, I was thrilled at how quickly my glasses arrived.  Only days between ordering and receiving.

Fitovers eyewear insightfully sparkles with personality plus!


Fitovers eyewear is the BEST! I have two pairs of prescription sunglasses but I wear my Fitovers constantly. I have not taken my regular sunglasses out of their cases since I got my Fitovers. I don't have to manage taking off my reading glasses, putting on sunglasses, putting reading glasses into the case, taking sunglasses off when I go into a building, putting sunglasses into the case, taking reading glasses off when I go outside and putting them into the case after taking sunglasses out of case and putting sunglasses on. Now I just take Fitovers off and put in case when I enter a building and put them on when I exit a building. BEST purchase ever! EASY living. LOVE it!

Good-bye, clip-ons.


Couldn't be happier with my Fitovers.  Great protection from sun and glare at the beach, and look a lot better than the clip-ons my family has been teasing me about over the years.  Fitovers moved me several notches higher on the style meter.

I use them EVERY time I go outside!


FITOVERS have been my only sun glasses since 1999.   I had a detached retina, had surgery to have a retinal buckle, so have used them ever since.

My second pair of Fitovers is even better than the first!

Anne K.

Clip-on sunglasses have scratched my prescription lenses for years. I discovered Fitovers several years ago; they fit completely over my glasses and give full protection from the sun. When I ordered this newest pair, I learned I could order according to the size of my glasses, with easy measuring instructions. These fit better than any I have had and don't look too big for my face. Thank you!

Most Stylish And Best Optical Quality of ALL fitover sunglasses!

Todd March


Fitovers are definitely the "Rolls Royce" of fitover style sunglasses--the styles and colors and quality is heads above all other brands. Some Fitovers are so youthfully styled, no one will know they are fitover style sunglasses. I've tried all fitovers (ordering hundreds of dollars worth over the net and returning most of them)  and these Jonathon Pauls really stand out--and not only for styling, but for optical quality as well. Solar Shield, Cocoons, Vistana--I've tried them all (and in all the lens color variations as well!), and the Jonathon Paul Fitovers have the best optics and polarization properties by far.   These really are the best--but I do have a few nags to make to Jonathon Paul--they need to make more colors in more models. For instance I would LOVE a pair of the Cheetah colored frames with AMBER lenses, but in a style with NO side windows--and they don't offer this (and in fact their selection of amber lenses is limited period). Or a pair of the Cheetah colored frames with the Green Mirrored lenses--no such offering made, Cheetah colored frames only come with the Gold Mirrored lenses (which always makes me think of 1970's pimps-hustlers!) For such a specialized product, it would really behoove them to offer this level of customization.  So that's where Jonathon Paul could really expand and improve their selection and service--if they were more like Live Eyewear--the manufacturer of Cacoon and Vistana fitover sunglasses; you can order Cacoons or Vistanas in any combination of frame colors and lens color that you want--Mica frames with copper lenses, or black frames with yellow lenses, whatever you want, you got it! I would love if Jonathon Paul--with their much more cutting edge fashionable styles--would market like this!   But all in all, for style and chic looks in fitover style sunglasses, Jonathon Paul Fitovers are the tops, no doubt!


Great looking and high quality sunglasses!!



I have three different pairs of sunglasses to fit over my prescription glasses, two of which are FITOVERS. The FITOVERS are by far the better quality and better looking pairs. I have a pair that are black frames with black lenses.....perfect for looking dressy and classy. The second pair, that I just ordered for the summer and when I ride my bike are a black/purple tortoise shell-like frame with purple mirror lenses. Even my judgmental 18 year old son think they are really cool. I love the colors of the frames (which are subtle)  with the purple mirrored lenses give them a bright, spunky, sporty look for the summer. I will order more in the future. Would I love to be able to wear some fancy brand name sunglasses? Yes I would, but the cost of getting those types of sunglasses fitted out with prescription lenses is very very cost prohibitive. FITOVERS are easily just as cool, and I get so many compliments whenever I wear them. When I pull the sunnies off, people are so surprised that they hide my prescription glasses underneath. They don't look obvious (like the old frames of yesteryear that my grandma wore over her glasses, they looked like safety glasses I used in high school chemistry, HUGE!!!). Thank you FITOVERS for such awesome choices and great quality. I don't look like I just left a science lab and forgot to remove my safety glasses. ;-)


Lots of compliments


I just got back an Antarctic expedition and my Fitovers served me well. Usually I have to travel with my regular prescription glasses, non-prescription sunglasses, contact lenses (with case and solution), reading glasses and prescription sunglasses. This time, I just wore my glasses and the Fitovers which really saved the packing headaches and had less things to worry about losing. Not only did they afford me an increased degree of freedom and digging into my backpack, etc., but I was the envy of the 20 other women with whom I travel. Everyone tried them on and wanted to know how to get a pair. I am ordering another pair of Fitovers today, now that I am back on the grid.

Purple Haze Rocks!


I love my newest pair of FITOVERS!  I got the Purple Haze with gray lenses, and the crystals on the temples!  This is my fourth pair of FITOVERS, and I will never wear anything else.  They fit perfectly and the view is flawless -- and, they are easy to clean!  Much more economical than prescription sunglasses and they look great!

Loved the whole process!


It was very helpful to have the virtual trying on of the styles on a photo of me.  It was a seamless process to order them and they arrived in 3 days as promised. I really like them. All I need now is some sunshine! (Still snowing in northern Michigan on the first day of spring!)



Sizing and ordering was easy on the website.  My order arrived quickly and in excellent shape.  I absolutely LOVE these glasses!  Wish I had found them sooner.  The only problem was trying to decide which style to order! I wanted them ALL!  LOL!  I will certainly be ordering more in different styles and colors!   Please ADD MORE COLOR AND SIZE CHOICES TO THE STYLES YOU OFFER!  I saw several colors I wanted but they didn't come in the style I had to pick because of the size!  THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!

I love my Fitovers.


I have been wearing Fitovers for quite a few years now.  I love the ease of taking them on and off without having to change to another prescription pair or messing with magnetized lenses.  They also block the sunlight through the sides but have a lens that doesn't disturb my peripheral view.  Thank you again for the quick delivery after I lost mine last weekend.  I sure appreciated it.

Best sunglasses around!


I have three pairs of these (different lenses or different styles).  They all work over my glasses and give my eyes great protection the sun.  Highly recommend them!



I first purchased FITOVERS while in New Mexico on vacation about 4 years ago. I had forgotten my prescription sunglasses at home.  The sales associate found a pair that fit me perfectly! I have been wearing these originals since because they also fit over my second pair of prescription glasses. About a month ago, my prescription changed and I purchased new frames and the original FITOVERS no longer worked with the new frames. I purchased my current pair of FITOVERS by submitting measurements of my new frame. When they arrived they fit perfect! I will never purchase pricey prescription sunglasses again. Though the price was around $70, there is no comparison to the cost of prescription sunglasses at about $200. I would STILL be wearing the originals if I hadn't changed my eye glass frames. They hold up fabulous, have a clear view, great sun block and look great on.