Quality vs. Price | Jonathan Paul® Fitovers - The ORIGINAL Fit Over Sunglasses

Quality vs. Price

If you are already looking for fitover sunglasses instead of other sunwear alternatives, but you are concerned with cost or don’t understand why some brands are more expensive than others, you’ve landed on the right page! Sunglasses are important for eye health and should be considered a product you seek quality for; cheap fitover sunglasses will not always provide what you need to stay healthy and keep up with your ideal lifestyle.

Here are some qualities that are important for the best fitover sunglasses, even if it costs more

  • 100% UV protection: UV protection levels should not raise the price of sunglasses but if the UV protection statement is vague and simply says “absorbs UV” or “high UV protection” you should keep shopping for another pair.
  • Polarization: While it’s not necessarily a health factor, it is great for cutting horizontal glare on roads, snow, and water, and therefore is usually worth the extra cost if you participate in outdoor hobbies, sports, or drive during the day. All 8 color options of Jonathan Paul Fitovers Polarvue® lenses are polarized.
  • Lens color: Appearance is a great factor when shopping, but lifestyle is a factor also since some colors are better or worse for particular activities. Although it may cost a little extra, it may be worth it in the long run to choose certain lens colors over others according to your daily activities. Jonathan Paul Fitovers offers gray, amber, roadster, and yellow lens options at an affordable price, as well as blue mirror, green mirror, purple mirror and gold mirror lens options for only $10 more.
  • Frame and lens material: This is the most important factor when avoiding cheap sunglasses. A quality pair of sunnies will have optically ground lenses with little to no distortion. Cheaper and less expensive sunglasses are usually stamped out of a mold rather than ground and polished, which can affect optical quality. As far as frame materials go, durability can be a serious plus depending on your lifestyle and your environment. The original Fitovers Eyewear sunglasses are very durable – Fitovers have lasted some of our customers 10+ years.
  • Frame size/shape: Bigger and/or wrap-around style means more coverage, which is much healthier for your eyes and the sensitive skin around them. Wrap-around frames are a good way to go in this case and Jonathan Paul the Original Fitovers Eyewear has over 150 to choose from.

If you still aren’t convinced that the Original Fitovers Eyewear Sunglasses are worth the price, check out our list of features and a customer review below.

The reason the prices are higher than cheap imitators is because we are the original fit over sunglass company and ALL of our products include:

  • Premium fit over sunglasses made with only high-quality materials. Unlike our competitors, no manufacturing shortcuts or cheap materials are used in the manufacturing of our products.
  • Hand-painted frames – each frame is unique and not machine-printed
  • Crystal Nylon™ frames – TR-90 Plastic – Lightweight, flexible, yet extremely durable and resistant to hot and cold temperatures.
  • Polarvue® lenses:
  • Polarvation® technology : Polarized lenses with 99% polarization efficiency
  • DUO HardCoat® : Makes our lenses scratch resistant and protects against any contact with the lens. Cheap imitator fit over sunglasses tend to scratch easily rendering them useless.
  • Flash-Reflect® : Hides your Rx eyewear and provides maximum glare reduction
  • ReeZist™ : Protects against smudging, repels water and finger prints
  • The original brand of fitovers since 1993 and the most trusted fit over sunglass brand
  • Largest variety of styles,colors and size options with easy-to-follow sizing instructions150+ Frames, 44 Colors, 8 Lens options and XS, S, M, L, XL sizes available.
  • Each pair of Fitovers sunglasses you buy comes with a case, cleaning cloth and neck cord at no extra charge.


Real Customer Review:

Most Stylish And Best Optical Quality of ALL fitover sunglasses!

“Fitovers are definitely the “Rolls Royce” of fitover style sunglasses–the styles and colors and quality is heads above all other brands. Some Fitovers are so youthfully styled, no one will know they are fitover style sunglasses. I’ve tried all fitovers (ordering hundreds of dollars worth over the net and returning most of them) and these Jonathan Pauls really stand out–and not only for styling, but for optical quality as well. … I’ve tried them all (and in all the lens color variations as well!), and the Jonathan Paul Fitovers have the best optics and polarization properties by far. These really are the best … all in all, for style and chic looks in fitover style sunglasses, Jonathan Paul Fitovers are the tops, no doubt!”

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As you can see, despite the difference in price between Jonathan Paul Fitovers Eyewear and other fitover sunglass companies, it’s clear that the unparalleled quality and variety of choice at JP Fitovers more than justifies the pricing. Don’t settle for low quality protection when it comes to your eyes and protecting your vision. Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheaper fit over sunglass that won’t last due to poor quality. Spending a little bit more on a pair of high-quality Fitovers Sunglasses that will last you a lifetime is well worth it!