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How Fitovers Sunglasses Compare to Prescription Sunglasses, Clip-Ons, and Photochromic Lenses

If you like to consider purchases from all angles, you’ve landed on the right page. When it comes to fit over sunglasses, most people don’t know enough about them to compare them to their alternatives.

Fitovers sunglasses – Here’s how we stack up against prescription sunglasses, photochromic lenses, and clip-ons:



Fit over sunglasses are sunglasses that are specifically made to be worn over one’s prescription frames. Fitovers brand sunglasses feature:

  • Frames are light-weight on face
  • Stylish designs – hide glasses underneath
  • Durable, impact-resistant frame
  • Scratch and smudge resistant Polarvue® lenses
  • Wrap-around style – Maximum protection for eyes & skin
  • All styles have polarized front and side lenses
  • All lens options provide 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Frame options without side lenses, if preferred
  • Largest selection on the market – 25 styles, 44 frame colors, 8 lens colors
  • Affordable prices & many promotions available for extra discounts
  • Many options for buying – direct online,locally, or at other online retailers.

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Another sunwear solution option is prescription sunglasses:

  • Stylish design
  • Easy to lose or break during outdoor activities
  • Usually not wrap-around style, letting in light from above frames
  • Not all polarized
  • Not all 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Often overpriced
  • Many receive the wrong Rx when ordering cheap options online
  • Forced to switch between sunglasses and regular glasses


Another common alternative are photochromic lenses:

  • Not stylish
  • Lack of durability
  • No wrap-around style & usually small lenses – not complete coverage
  • Not always polarized
  • Does not always provide 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Expensive
  • Lenses do not always change to the correct degree or at the right time
  • Lenses will stay a little too dark once leaving light, or without even going into bright light
  • No control over the change in photochromic lenses


Believe it or not, clip-ons or flip-ups are still a sunwear solution being used today!

  • Not stylish – out-dated
  • Easily lost or broken
  • Inexpensive
  • Made of cheaper materials
  • No wrap-around style – only provide frontal coverage from UV rays
  • Sometimes scratch the prescription lenses underneath


Clip-Ons and Photochromic lenses miss out on our most important factor: Fitovers Eyewear frames mimic the look of a regular sunglass so it appears that you are just wearing sunglasses.

You feel comfortable and look great at the same time while buying an affordable option. Prescription sunglasses are overpriced for the hassle of switching between frames and sometimes are the incorrect prescription when ordering cheap options.