How To Replace Lenses | Jonathan Paul® Fitovers - The ORIGINAL Fit Over Sunglasses

How To Replace Lenses


Written Instructions:

  1. 1) Remove old lens by applying pressure on the sides (from the back of the frame).
  3. 2) Push the back side edges until one side pops out of the front of the frame. This should remove the lens.
  5. 3) Take the new lens and find the groove in a corner of the frame. Use the groove to pop the lens in from the front of the frame…
  7. 4) Once lens is in the corner groove, work the rest of the outside of the lens into the groove while supporting the back of the lens with your fingers.
  9. 5) Repeat process on other side: Pop out the lens from the back to the front to remove…
  11. 6) …And find the groove to pop the new lens in from the front, while using your fingers to support the back so it doesn’t fall through.


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